A Jig Before Dying, Fortune Turns the Wheel, and With His Dying Breath are Danny's first three mystery novels, each starring San Francisco Irish fiddler Niall Sweeney (known to his friends simply as Sweeney) and his literature professor wife Rose. All three are linked through theme, characters, and past events, though each stands on its own.

Sweeney sees our contemporary world through his music and from his comfortable place within his peer group of drunks and Celtic eccentrics. Rose possesses a deep love for mythic and heroic literature, teaching at San Francisco State University. But when faced with sudden and unexpected danger, they find that their two very different world views and ways of searching for the truth are equally necessary to get them out of hot water.

A Jig Before Dying and Fortune Turns the Wheel were both published by Xlibris Books in 2008. They are available through the Danny Carnahan and Xlibris websites and previously-read copies are popping up on Amazon and elsewhere. The third novel in the series, With His Dying Breath, is being designed and should be widely available in 2012.

Read the first three chapters of...

A Jig Before Dying

Fortune Turns the Wheel

And the first four chapters of...

With His Dying Breath

Danny is currently at work on another novel dealing with a different sort of suspense. He is also preparing a song book and an octave mandolin instructional guide. The further adventures of Sweeney and Rose will have to wait in the wings for now.

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